Companion Care

Companion Care Sacramento

Have you noticed that mom seems to be slipping away a little? Or maybe dad just doesn’t get out as much as he used to? Have you noticed signs of Elderly Depression? There may be nothing wrong with them physically, and they’re still able to drive and get around on their own, but something’s not right. It’s possible that they need some regular companion care. Loved ones that are withdrawing as they age can be accelerating the aging process, and inadvertently doing themselves more harm than good. They say they just don’t feel like it, and instead of joining their friends for the bridge game, or the stroll around the park, they just sit at home, and you are worried. Something as simple as some regular companion care can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

Looking for companion care?


An abundance of research supports the notion that an active lifestyle, one where seniors are regularly and actively engaged in social activities, helps delay the aging process, both mentally and physically. Perhaps it’s time to bring in a professional companion that is trained in these issues and knows how to motivate mom or dad to continue getting out to see friends and engage in those life-long activities you know they love? Perhaps all they need is someone around on a regular schedule that they can engage with on chores and hobbies around the house?

If any of this sounds familiar, give us a call and talk to one of our elder care specialists. They’ll help educate you on this new stage of life your loved one has slipped into, and the options available to you to help cope.