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Dementia Home Care

At Harmony Home Care, we have provided dementia home care for our customers for years. During this time we’ve developed a real understanding of the needs of people affected by the condition.

Harmony provides professional dementia home care services. Our highly-trained dementia caregivers know all about the various types and stages of the condition, and they have experience with helping people and their families deal with the challenges that caring for a loved one with dementia brings about on a daily basis.

We are genuinely committed to helping people live with dementia – providing dementia home care for people in their own home and keeping them out of facilities is our aim.

Looking for dementia support and home care?


We Understand What You Are Dealing With

The person you care about is changing. Sometimes it’s something simple like forgetting to take their important medication, or forgetting to eat and drink, but there are other problems as well. They’ve become unusually fearful, complaining about a lot of things, getting easily agitated and distracted. All of this could be the early signs of dementia. It is actually more difficult for a family member to deal with these symptoms then for a professional. Perhaps it’s time to get a qualified evaluation. We can help.

Harmony Home Care Person-Centered Dementia Care

Coming to terms with the illness is tough for both the people affected by dementia and their loved ones. Calling for support for your loved one is one of the hardest decisions you will find yourself facing in life. Inviting a stranger to come spend many hours a day in the intimacy of your home can cause a lot of anxiety.

This is why we believe in providing our dementia support service in several steps. Our friendly team of dementia caregivers will walk you through each element of our person centered care service program.

While providing dementia home care, we see our customers for exactly who they are – people with feelings, emotions, likes and dislikes. Every person is different. And thus there is no single way to provide help and support.

Ourcaregivers have a heart for what they do and are committed and enthusiastic about caring for someone with dementia, helping them live comfortably in the same environment they are most familiar with – their own home.

This is because we know that the homes of our clients are not just buildings. They are a treasure trove that hosts many decades’ worth of cherished memories. And when we’re caring for someone suffering from dementia, this consistency and continuity is absolutely vital.

Why Choose Our Dementia Caregivers

Alzheimer’s is a diagnosis, dementia is a symptom. In fact there are various causes of dementia, Alzheimer’s is only one of them. For several years, we have provided in-home support for people suffering from Alzheimer’s, Lewy Body, Frontal Temporal (also known as Picks), Vascular, and many other types of dementia.

Before joining the team at Harmony Home Care, each of our caregivers begins a rigorous training program. This is where they learn to deal with the complexities of caring for people with dementia.

Our team of caregivers have contact with our Dementia experts. We even make our dementia care training available to family members at no extra charge. We also encourage our clients’ families to call Harmony Care at Home if they have any questions at all.

Dementia Home Care Services

With our Dementia home care services, we can help with daily home tasks, like meal preparation, running errands and cleaning, as well as helping with medication reminders. However, in addition to providing agency-supervised dementia care for our clients, our friendly caregivers also provide full-time companionship services. They love nothing more than playing board games, chatting over a cup of tea, or going for a walk in the park with the people they care for.

It’s this warm client-centric approach that we have become known for.

We differ from most home care agencies, we strive for consistency when it comes to dementia care in the home. It is our policy to maintain the same caregiver in the home once a good working relationship is established. This allows them to build up a relationship and bond with the people they’re caring for.

Some of our dementia caregivers have worked with their clients for years. And if a caregiver happens to fall sick, or needs to take a break, we will make sure that there is always another qualified professional caregiver to step in to take their place temporarily. That way you can always rest assured knowing that your loved one will never be left without support.

If you’re considering dementia in-home care, you can rely on our caregivers to always deliver their support with the highest possible standards.