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6 Questions to ask before hiring a caregiver

Hi everybody this is patrick from Harmony Home Care, now BrightStar Care. I’m the executive director, and I’m here today to help you. You’re obviously here because you’re thinking about bring a caregiver into your home to take care of your mom and dad, maybe a spouse, maybe your son or a loved one. Before you do that I want to tell you a little story. And it’s a story about my mom hiring a caregiver out of her church a few years ago.

She knew a lovely young man named Enrique, everybody loved him and my mom said that he’s going to be perfect. We tried to warn her about getting someone professional, maybe somebody who was a little bit more checked out, but she insisted so we hired Enrique. And it turns out we thought we were wrong for a couple of years he was an amazing caregiver. He was incredibly attentive, proactive, Donelda & Jessicacheerful, and always going above and beyond the call. Then one night we got a call from the local police department. It seems that Henrique I don’t little drinking problem that no one knew about. He had borrowed moms car and gone out for a little joy ride in the middle of the night.  He had gone down an alley at 70 mph and hit a car injuring himself and two other people. The lawsuit is still going on, they are still going after my mom all because she didn’t do the proper background checks.

So, how do you prevent this? It’s imperative, that for any caregiver you bring into your home you ask them six important questions.

1) Are you registered with the state?

Whether it’s a private caregiver you’re bringing home or somebody you got from an agency make sure that they are licensed and registered with the state, which is a requirement now. That will ensure to you that this person has at least had a background check.

2) Are you insured?

Things happen, accidents happen when you least expect it. A person could be helping you with a suitcase in and out of the car and strain their back. Guess who is going to be responsible for that if there is no insurance? You are.

3) Are you covered by worker’s comp?

This puts you at the same risk as #3. If your caregiver gets injured on the job, and you aren’t covered by worker’s comp, the responsibility for their medical care and lost wages will fall on you and your family.

4) How do you pay your taxes?

Make sure you know the answer to how the state payroll taxes are going to be paid because that can come back to cost you tens of thousands of dollars if you’re not prepared for it.

5) Can I see your driver’s license and DMV record?

But just as important, make sure this person has a car and that its insured, and that it’s available so they can drive you to and from appointments.

6) And the most important of all, why do you want to be a caregiver?

They have to be there because they want to be there because they love to be there and because they really care and they have the heart to do this. That’s the fit, the personality fit and it’s the most important thing. For a complete guide click the link below to be taken to a full list of questions to ask.

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