Harmony Home Care is now BrightStar Care

About Harmony Home Care, now BrightStar Care

Our Care Values

We operate with a set of Care Values that ensure every one of our clients
is treated with dignity and compassion and that the family is respected.

To understand how we carefully choose our caregivers, you can learn more here.


We collaborate with the whole family to provide the best care.


We commit to regular and clear communication.


We are approachable and available 24/7.

Resource Provision

We act as a resource to help you care for your aging family member by advising on any needs you have, we are full service and you won’t need to call anyone else.

Online Accessibility

We keep everyone informed with our online schedule.

Management Team

Patrick Philbrick

Patrick W. Philbrick

Director & CEO
Having experience all the stress and worry of having to care for his aging parents himself, Patrick and his wife Jennifer founded Harmony Home Care to bring peace of mind to families who were going through the same thing. Having discovered a love for serving others, Patrick shares their mission with the entire team, all focused on the same purpose together: to provide the finest in-home care available.
Jennifer Jarrett

Jennifer Jarrett

RN, LAC, OMD - Nurse Administrator
Jennifer, co-owner of Harmony Home Care, is a Registered Nurse with 30 years experience in many different fields of nursing. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and ran her own Acupuncture and General Wellness clinic, developing a reputation as an exceptional, compassionate, and caring healer. Jennifer oversees the hiring, training, and supervision of all our caregivers and establishes and maintains the very highest of standards of care that have set Harmony Home Care apart.

Brandy Wobschall

Lead Care Coordinator
Brandy has the heart of a caregiver. She left a thriving career to take care of her own grandmother when her health was failing, and there was no other family to step in. After her grandmother passed away, Brandy came to us as a caregiver and now serves as the Lead in the office.
Daniel Hayes

Daniel Hayes

Care Coordinator
The first thing you notice when talking to Daniel is that he is warm, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable about senior care, and very smart. He makes you feel like everything you have to say is very important, and that he is really glad he got to talk to you. Daniel is a key part of our leadership team, one of our compassionate, professional, and reliable Care Coordinators, and we feel blessed to have him in such a key position in our Harmony Home Care family.

Patty Salee

On Call Care Coordinator
I know what our clients are going through because I am a caregiver. I have cared for both of my dear parents when they were each afflicted with cancer themselves. I know the stress of caring for someone who cannot care for themselves, and having to juggle all the demands on one’s personal life at the same time. When you call in after hours, I will be there to answer your calls with compassion and understanding. I do this because I care and I am here to help.
Carol Sadler

Carol Sadler

Administrative Assistant
Carol knows that providing care for a family member is extremely demanding. She cared for both of her parents in the final days of their struggles with cancer and finally hospice care. She knows what you are going through. She brings that compassion and experience, along with her excellent administrative skills, and provides a solid administrative backbone to our Harmony Home Care family.
Samantha Myers

Samantha Myers

On Call Care Coordinator
Samantha was one of our founding team members, hired as a caregiver back in 2013. She rapidly proved herself to be a shining example of our values and high standards. Samantha has now been promoted. As well as fulfilling her dutes as a caregiver, she is now an On-Call Care Coordinator and is the voice of Harmony Home Care after hours.