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Advantages of staying in your home later in life in Sacramento, California

Advantages of Staying in Your Home Later in Life In Sacramento, California

As parents, spouses, and other family members begin to age and start exhibiting health and medical issues, loved ones often take on the responsibility of figuring out how to care for them. With no background in health care or caregiving, this can be quite a complicated task and developing the right plan of action can be stressful, difficult, time-consuming, and even frustrating. While many people immediately turn to assisted living facilities in Sacramento, CA, there are plenty of other options that do not involve full time care away from home. Some of these options may even be better suited for your family member. Whether you are privy to the common misconceptions of in-home care or just not sure of the benefits or what to expect, there are actually many advantages for seniors to stay in their own homes later in life.


For many older people, the home they currently reside in is one they have likely lived in for many years. This space is a familiar, comfortable place for them where they feel at ease and relaxed. Moving into an assisted living facility could actually be disruptive and have negative benefits on them as it could bring on added stress and anxiety. Assisted living homes usually house a large number of people, have communal dining spaces, and other group activities for which most people are not accustomed. This creates a whole new set of challenges and adaptations they will have to make that may not bode well with their current physical health condition, as well as their personality. Staying at home with a caregiver allows them the security of care that they need and can count on, while still maintaining the lifestyle for which they are accustomed. 


The financial responsibilities that accompany an assisted living home care plan are extremely steep. If your parent or loved one does not need round the clock care and still is very capable of maintaining some independence, staying in their home would be the best option not only emotionally but also financially. A caregiver provider comes at a significantly lower cost than entering an assisted living facility, plus there would be no moving costs either. 

Technological Advantages

Technology has made aging and caring for seniors much easier in a wide variety of ways. From better hearing aids to touch screen computers and tablets that help seniors stay social, technology helps keep seniors in touch with friends and family members who may be a distance away. All of these technological advances have also improved home care services and allows more seniors to age in place, rather than resorting to an assisted living home. Read about more technological advances here.

Aging in place and staying at home later in life allows your parent, spouse or loved one to maintain the autonomy and freedom they have known for the majority of their life. There is not a disruptive move or unfamiliar place that they are having to learn how to navigate either. Financially, in home care makes sense as well. Thanks to things like technological advances and loving in-home care providers like the ones at Harmony Home Care, now BrightStar Care in Sacramento, CA, staying in your home later in life is now an option for most aging adults.

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