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Dementia Care Sacramento

Dementia Is Taking Over America

Association, Alzheimer’s is the only one that is not decreasing, but in fact increasing at an alarming rate.

Most doctors will tell you it’s primarily because we are all living longer, and so the cases of dementia are increasing. But many suspect environmental factors, such as prescription drugs and vaccinations.  Dementia and Drugs_web

According to Dr. Bruce West, founder of Health Alert, the use of prescription drugs is increasing at an astronomical rate, and may are laden with neurotoxins (poisons to your brain and nervous system). When you take more than one drug you risk factor goes up not by the number of drugs, but exponentially. This is compounded by the use of  “safe” over the counter drugs, which also can have neurtoxic effects.
Dr. West advises us to stay away from all drugs as much as you can. This is a difficult challenge for most seniors as doctors are always prescribing something for them, and in many cases these are
necessary. But be your own best advocate. Question the doctor about the side effects and the necessity of the prescription. If you have a dementia home care aide, ask the supervising agency for guidance on finding and advice nurse to help you determine which of your drugs are essential and which may be superfluous or even dangerous.

Ask your doctor, your senior home care agency, or nutritional expert about the best ways to prevent memory loss. Buy a drug handbook and look up which ones cause memory loss. Try to use natural and pragmatic alternatives for your health problems as much as possible. Taking a little responsibility for you own health can go a long way to improving  and prolonging your quality of life. Your drugs could be treating symptoms but not solving problems, or even making them worse.

Alzheimer's care sacramento

Alzheimer’s care Sacramento

The most effective first defense, and absolutely-proven-beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt treatment for memory loss is exercise. It can be as little as a strong walk, or as much as some light weight lifting. We all need to exercise, and the brain responds quickly and very positively to regular activity.

Diet and supplements: the most destructive food to our brains and our bodies are simple carbohydrates. Sugar in all it’s forms: table sugar, honey, maple syrup, and all the hidden sugsrs in almost every processed food you buy at the store–corn syrup. These are causing slow deaths to millions of Americans, and they don’t even know it. That’s because we are all addicted to it. Studies now show that sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine! Other simple carbs include wheat flour: bread, pasta, crackers, cookies, pizza dough…yeah, all that stuff you love to eat. It’s killing you and dramtically increasing your chances to get dementia. If you want to quickly feel better, commit to NO simple carbs for 10 days. It will be hard, and you will feel worse for about the first 5 of those days as you detox, but after about 6 days you’ll be amazed at how may or your symptoms begin to diminish or even disappear. Omega 3 oils from fish and supplements, and also coconut oil can provide the brain with more defense against the agents of aging that cause dementia.

The most important take away from this article should be the dementia is not a normal part of aging. If you or a loved suspect that you are starting to have memory problems, you can take steps to slow, or sometimes even reverse the symptoms. Dementia care is available. Please contact one of our caring and knowledgeable staff if you want more help or advice.

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