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Fall Cleaning

Fall Is A Great Time For A Family Clean Up

As seniors age, one thing that often falls by the wayside is cleanliness and organization in their home or living space. There are a few factors, which cause this: physical limitations, sentiment (seniors not wanting to let go), mental blocks, and more. Keeping a neat and tidy space typically just is not a priority for most seniors and even for their caregivers. They are bogged down with the day-to-day tasks of keeping their loved one healthy and cleaning takes a backseat. A cluttered space can be an issue that eventually may start to overwhelm a senior loved one and even cause them stress or increase their risk for injury by falling. A fall for a senior is detrimental and can totally debilitate them. It is for these reasons and keeping your loved one’s home a safe, peaceful environment that routine organization and cleaning is imperative. Fall is a perfect time to head over to your loved one’s place, clear your schedule for a few hours, and get to work. So, just how do you go about doing this? These tips will help.

Divide and Conquer 
Divide and Conquer refers to both obtaining additional hands to help with this project and the rooms within a space. Determine who is best at what and assign different tasks. Maybe you have a young niece or nephew who can help organize an office and even convert some old documents into digital files. Maybe the senior loved one’s daughter can be in charge of organizing and sorting through the sentimental items and family heirlooms. This makes the overall organization project at hand seem less daunting and much more manageable.

Determine What Goes Where 
The term “everything has a place” is often used when describing or orchestrating a large organizational project and while it may be overused, it is true. Everything in your senior’s home should have some sort of place – whether that means staying in their home or even being donated or disposed of. There are likely tons of products going unused in their home that can be passed along to other family members, friends, or even donated. A quick online search will help you identify places and organizations that need donated goods and you can take the unwanted items there.

Don’t Forget…
…about the everyday spaces. When doing a major deep organization session, it is easy to head into an office or spare bedroom that is rarely used and cluttered with boxes. People often forget to tidy up the spaces that are used on a daily basis such as kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. These are perhaps the most important places to organize and a great place to start. Start by going through and disposing of or finding a place for any miscellaneous clutter. Eliminate any trash, paper, and food while you are at it. Go through the mail pile on the table and file and organize those documents and toss what is not needed. Additionally, be sure to check out the medicine cabinet. Seniors often have a plethora of different prescriptions and medications that they either take and need on a daily basis, as well as old items that have not been needed in years or the condition is no longer present.

These tips and strategies should help, but enlisting the help of a professional may be needed. Often times senior’s homes haven’t been deep cleaned in years and it is a big job. Our caregivers can help assist with care for your senior loved one while you focus on the project. This allows everything to get done, and care is not compromised. The Harmony Home Care professionals are more than happy to serve those in need of caregiving assistance in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, and Yolo Counties. For daily tips, advice and news, follow us on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn, and Google Plus.

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