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Helping Seniors Navigate Through Memory Loss

Forgetfulness is something nearly everyone experiences from time to time. The occasional incident of forgetting something every now and then is no big deal in the grand scheme of things, but as seniors age, memory loss can become a cause for concern. From Alzheimer’, dementia, and simply getting older, there are a variety of causes in which memory loss would occur. For family members, caregivers, and the person affected, coping with memory loss can be frustrating and challenging. There are ways to cope with memory loss to make navigating the process a bit easier.

Life Story Work

The concept of life story work involves the person struggling from memory loss compiling a personal record. This would encompass everything they deem important in their life that they can remember including experiences, stories, people, places, and life events. Working with a caregiver can help them compile this in a variety of formats such as a book, photo album, scrapbook, digital portfolio or another creative option. Many seniors struggling with memory loss find life story work to be an enjoyable project and although challenging, it can actually help improve and reverse memory problems.

Cognitive Stimulation

Activities and exercises that stimulate thinking, concentration, communication and memory are what define cognitive stimulation. These could include socializing in a small group or one-on-one sessions. Seniors can discuss their hobbies, interests, day-to-day life, and information regarding the current time and place to stimulate their minds. Cognitive stimulation therapy groups can also help. These structured treatment sessions occur in group settings and can last weeks to assist with memory and other mental capabilities.

Cognitive Rehabilitation

Cognitive rehabilitation occurs when a person suffering from memory loss works with a therapist on specific issues and challenges they would like to address and improve. This could include working to remember names of certain people and ways to meet this goal. The approach prioritizes what is most important to the person and those they are closest to. This therapy can also help improve attention in addition to memory.

If you or your senior loved one is struggling with memory loss and navigating life while having memory loss, a caregiver could be another solution to help improve their quality of life. We offer services to help with socialization and engagement, as well as monitoring medication intake, and even Alzheimer’s and dementia care to provide the best memory assistance to your loved one. If you think this additional care could benefit you or your loved one, please call 916-933-9777 or visit our website. Our professional staff consists of highly skilled individuals who are in the top 5% of the market.

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