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Holiday Travel Plans

Holiday Travel Trips With Senior Loved Ones

The holiday season is officially among us and with that comes an increase in events, activities, and festivities for families. The increase in plans can often require travelling. Although traveling can come with obstacles, travelling with seniors is well worth the planning that comes along with it. At Harmony Home Care, now BrightStar Care, we know how important these trips can be and the benefits they bring far outweigh the challenges. Nonetheless, a few tips on how to navigate traveling with a senior loved one can always help.

Establish Details In Advance
Just like with any travel plans, hammering out details beforehand makes for a smoother trip – especially when plans include a senior loved one. You’ll want to consider schedules, abilities, and specific needs. If your senior loved one has a difficult time maneuvering through crowds or often gets claustrophobic, those are things to take into account. Airplane travel may not be best for them and sticking to a road trip would be a more comfortable option. Additionally, make sure arrangements are conducive for them once you arrive at your destination. This can include a satisfactory bed, ample space for their belongings, and even things like a restroom with any necessary aids for them.

Finally, does your senior loved one need to travel with their caregiver? Bringing extra help along during the holidays is often a great idea and can give them peace of mind and a sense of familiarity even when doing something out of their normal schedule. These may seem like simple things, but ensuring they are in place beforehand will save you headaches during the duration of your travel.

Figure out Finances
When it comes to trips with family or friends, determining who is footing the bill can be problematic. Whether it’s a family road trip to an aunt’s house a few hours away or a luxury cruise with friends, there are still costs associated with any out of town excursion. Take a few minutes to sit down and establish a clear, set budget. Discuss who will pay for what, how much is reasonable and affordable for everyone, and how miscellaneous items will be paid for. By deciding this prior to the trip, you will save heated discussions or tension from arising during a time that is supposed to be spent enjoying one another’s company.

Everyone deserves to travel, no matter what age they are, especially during the holiday season. These trips are planned with the intent to give seniors the opportunity to create important memories, spend time with other generations among their families, and even leave an important legacy to their children and grandchildren. By spending a little extra time planning and talking through details, you can set yourself up for success. Another way to ensure your holiday happenings take place free of incident is to consider using a caregiver for additional support. 

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