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Prepare for holidays with senior loved one

How To Prepare For The Holidays With A Senior Loved One

The holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year. Celebrations are planned, traditions are practiced, and families are often reunited with each other at this joyous time. While these times are typically positive, having an elderly loved one can cause a sense of concern as you prepare for holiday festivities. Fortunately, some tips from others in your situation can help you have the best holiday season yet and everyone, including your senior loved one, will be filled with cheer.

Consider and Prioritize Emotional Well-being 
Many people, especially seniors, feel the effects of the “holiday blues.” For many older adults, aging has drastically impacted their life and their holiday celebrations look much different than in the past. They are missing traditions and their loved ones. Instead of letting them dwell on those feelings, get nostalgic and sentimental. There are many ways to do this: talk about fond memories, look through old photo albums, play music that makes them feel great. These ideas will help you create new memories.

Make Safety Arrangements 
Before your senior guests arrival, take some precautions to ensure their safety is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Let other guests know that an older person will be visiting so they can offer help and support where needed as well. Safety measures include de-cluttering and eliminating obstacles that could cause a fall, keep main walking paths as open and clear as possible, avoid putting decorations on any handrails, ensure your space is properly lit (use nightlights and bathroom lights at night), clear snow or ice, and ask younger guests to keep toys off the floor. These tips will help keep your home safe, which is pertinent for a successful holiday visit.

Find Tasks to Include Your Senior Loved One
No one wants to feel as though they are a burden during this time of year and often everyone wants to help during the season of giving. Prior to their arrival, think of a few tasks that would be suitable for your loved one to help with during their visit. Extend the offer to have them help arrange flowers, hang ornaments on a Christmas tree, sort silverware, set the table, or fold napkins. This will allow them to feel important and that they are contributing.

Ask for Help 
If your elderly loved one has an in-home care provider already, invite them along to the festivities to provide support. In-home care providers can also provide medicine distribution, cleaning, transportation and more that your senior is accustomed to. This will ensure their routine is followed and provide for a smooth, positive experience.

If your senior does not have an in-home care provider that they regularly receive care from, consider respite care to give you and your other family members a helping hand. Respite care is a great way to ensure you do not get burnt out caring for your relative and may allow for you and the rest of your family to partake in festivities that may not be an option for your senior. Sometimes a break does everyone good.

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