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New Licensing Requirements for Elderly Homecare in California

Hi everybody my name is Patrick I am the director of Harmony Home Care, now BrightStar Care in Sacramento. You have stopped by today because you’ve heard the rumors or seen the news: there is now licensing  requirements for homecare in California.

I’d like to give you a little background on us, my wife (Jennifer) and I started this business about four years ago. I had been serving my church for about 10 years and I have absolutely fallen in love with serving my community. I had been in business and marketing before that, but it was reaching out to the communities especially those in need that really struck a chord with me and made me want to go into this business. My wife on the other hand have been an RN for 30 years and she was already in the Watering Plants
caring business so it was just a perfect fit for us. And as professionals we were shocked to find out that there were no licensing requirements in California to send caregivers into people’s homes.

As of January 1 of this year that has all changed. The state of California now, thank God, finally does require home care agencies to be registered. What does that mean to you? Without checking on your caregiver’s background, checking with the state registry, there’s no way for you to know with these people what their intentions are, or what their background is. You can go to the Home Care Services Bureau website. And if you go to our website after watching this video there’ll be a link there for you you can easily check it out. And you can look up your caregiver online on the Home Care Aide Registry to see it whether or not they are registered and what their status is. I would say that is an absolute must if you’re thinking about bringing a caregiver into your home. With licensing now there are full background checks, FBI and DOJ, so at least you will know if they have a criminal background or not.

If you hire an agency or anybody who claims to be an agency make sure you ask them for their State license number. Then go to the home care services Bureau website and look up that license to make sure that they have an active license with the state. That will at least ensure you that their staff has met the minimum requirements of being background checked, that they’re fully insured, that they’re covered by worker’s comp, the caregivers have to be drug tested, and or our regular inspections of the agencies every two years. So for more information on licensing, the requirements, where you go to check out the caregivers or check out agencies you can check out the website at AtHomeCareSacramento.com.

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