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Senior Home Care Activities: Colored Sand Art


Enjoying creative activities with their home care provider is a fantastic way to stimulate your elderly loved ones’ minds, foster conversation and sharing, and give them an emotional boost. This Home Care in Placerville CAactivity also offers the additional benefit of tactile stimulation, which improves cognitive processing and supports better hand and joint health.

Colored sand art is a fun way to encourage your seniors to express themselves, channel their creativity, and make something beautiful they can display in their home or even given as a meaningful handmade gift. This project starts by coloring the sand and then lets them take their sand and turn it into lovely layered creations.

What You’ll Need
For each color of sand your aging loved ones and their in home health care services provider will need
• 1 1/2 cups white sand (look for this in your local craft store or toy store. It is much finer in texture than regular sand)
• Water
• Food coloring in your desired color
• Plastic zipper bag
• Paper towels

What to Do
• Pour the white sand into the plastic zipper bag and shake into an even layer at the bottom
• Fill with just enough water to cover the sand
• Add a generous amount of liquid food coloring
• Seal the zipper on the bag, squeezing out the air as you go
• Use your hands to move the sand, water, and coloring around until the sand reaches the desired shade of your chosen color. If it does not reach a dark enough color, simply squeeze in more food coloring
• Pour out the excess water and discard
• Spread out several layers of paper towels and pour the sand onto them
• Spread out the sand and allow it to dry completely
• Repeat the process to make as many different colors of sand as your parents would like to use for their projects

Once they have their colored sand, your elderly loved ones can create their sand art.

What You’ll Need
• Small glass bottles with corks (look for these in craft stores. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes so your parents can get creative while choosing the shape they like the most)
• Two or more colors of sand
• Narrow bamboo skewers
• Newspapers
• Funnels or a piece of stiff paper rolled into a funnel

What to Do
• Spread newspapers out on a broad, flat surface to make cleanup easier
• Place the glass bottle of choice on the table
• Insert the funnel in the mouth of the bottle
• Pour a small amount of one color of sand into the bottle
• Add a layer of another color of sand on top of the first
• Use the bamboo skewer to push down along the edge of the bottle to create dips and texture in the layers
• Continue layering the colors of sand to fill the bottle, using the skewer to add patterns as you go
• Finish by adding to the cork back into the bottle

Get in touch with the elder care agency in your area to find out more about hiring an in home health care services provider to enhance your care plan with your aging loved ones.
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